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26 Manicure Challenge

January 11, 2019

I truly love a good challenge, but sometimes I have trouble following through 100% of the way. I’ve been wanting to do a *fun* challenge that is something interesting, and also attainable… Enter: the 26 Manicure Challenge. I’m going to be doing 26 weeks of manicures and I can’t wait to either kick ass or fail wildly.

The rules are really simple. In one year, I’m attempting to do twenty six different manicures, roughly one every two weeks. Obviously, it only counts towards my challenge if I do the manicure myself!

This challenge was 100% inspired by the fact that I got a new UV lamp to do at home gel manicures! Yes, in 2019 we are saving 220$ a month and doing our own gel manicures because this shit is getting utterly ridiculous!

Have you attempted to give yourself manicures at home? Do you have your own UV lamp?

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