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A – Z Of Blogging In 2019

January 30, 2019

Blogging has CHANGED in 2019, I mean obviously, a lot changes in ten years (when I started my very first blog, aww!), But sitting down and writing a comprehensive list of changes and things to look out for, be mindful of, and always be practicing is an art! behold, my a-z list of blogging in 2019! Have anything to add to this list? Put a comment below & I’ll pop it in!

A –  Analyze everything –  Whether it be an uptick in your analytics over the weekend, or noticing posts with GIFS do better for you. Make sure you keep an eye on every little thing!

B – Brand – You seriously can’t do anything these days without hearing about branding or someone building their personal brand. Developing a strong brand is a MAJOR key in keeping your blog, IG and everything fresh!

C – Content Creation – Incredibly important, and yet incredibly overlooked. How are you staging your shots, what are you using to shoot with, is there any consistencies in the posts you’re creating?

D – Direction – Where are you headed? Why are you blogging? What’s going on ?

E – Editing Yourself – When you’re a professional writer or copywriter, you usually have EDITORS to help you along and really get to the bottom of what you want to say. In blogging, you’re on your own. My favorite tip for editing myself is to read my posts out loud before I post them and figure out if they make sense or not. Surprisingly, none of my posts ever make sense, so I have to rework them all of the time.

F – Facebook Is Dying – Seriously, stop wasting your time!

G – Guest Posts – It takes a village to make a blog strong. Invite others to write along with you, you’ll be surprised at how inspiring it can be!

H – Hold On – It might seem like you’re doing a lot of work for nothing, just keep holding on to the blog and see what you can accomplish.

I – Instagram Stories – AKA the coolest tool you can use to promote your blog… more on this later, wink wink!

J – Jobs – Can you get a job offer from blogging? How do jobs feel about you being a blogger? There are so many different conversations surrounding blogging and jobs. The short answer for this is blogging is an awesome tool that can help you get jobs in the Digital Media and Social space.

K – Klout (rip) – The site might be gone, but the influence lives on. How can you leverage your own following and branding into different avenues and partnerships?

L – Listicles – Thanks to BuzzFeed, listicles tend to be amongst some of the most clicked on content for bloggers. go forth and listicle away!

M – Money – For some reason, talking about money makes people wildly uncomfortable, but it’s a necessary conversation when you’re essentially running a business with your blog. Be sure to keep track of what is going in and what is going out, and KEEP. ALL. RECEIPTS.

N – Next Level – No matter where you are in the blogging process, determine where the Next Level is for you. Is it possible to reach the next level without spending any money? What resources do you need to take you to the next level?

O – Outsourcing Help – At what point do you want to bring in a team? What happens when you want to take on a different niche and have a friend that wants to come aboard?

P – Press and PR – When blogging, you’re going to deal with PR (Public Relations) people and press. It’s a fact of life. One way to make this easier is to 1. NOT BE ANNOYING and 2. MAKE FRIENDS!

Q –  Quality – How are you ensuring you are posting *quality* blog posts, and not just posting content for the sake of content? I try and read everything both out loud, and in my head, at least three times, to make sure what I’m saying makes sense. It definitely helps with the Quality of my posts.

R – Reply Reply Reply – It’s honestly insane to me how many people refuse to reply to their messages/tweets/IG comments. Do they think it makes them look cool? Aloof? TBH it makes you look like an asshole. Don’t be an asshole.

S – Social Media Scheduling – Do you schedule your social? Or do you post natively?

T – Tweets – You don’t need to stay up all night reading your tweets, timeline, and every little social platform you have, I promise.

U –  U really don’t understand how hard this is. 

V – Video – Pivoting to video is never the best idea, according to the state of media right now.

W – Why – If you’re blogging, the best question to ask is WHY. Why am I writing this post, WHY am I using this color scheme. W H Y.

X – Xtreeemely upset nothing really starts with x.

Y – You – If you’re not blogging for you, who are you even blogging for?

Z – Zeitgeist  keeping current and on your toes at all times.

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