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My Favorite Apps For The Perfect Gram

January 20, 2019

One thing I love about Instagram is how insanely ABSURD it really is. Did you know influencers (our fave term, haha) SELL premade “presets” for your Instagram photos? Yep, you too can have the perfectly curated feed of an IG Model, usually for the low low price of 10 – 25$. Luckily, you’re not going to have to do that, because I have a running list of my favorite apps for editing, and curating an absolutely perfect feed.

VSCO: In my mind, VSCO is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) in terms of photo editing apps, and it’s 100% free unless you’re buying additional filters. In my opinion, the purchasable filters are unnecessary, and you can get everything you need from their tool kit instead. My favorite thing is the white balance adjuster, it has the perfect slider for tint & tone, giving you the most range when it comes to editing your pics.

A Color Story: This app was integral in helping me curate and plan out my feed, they offer a grid option, and from that grid, you can plan and post your images. If you care about having a ~theme or aesthetic~ on your Instagram, this is an app you’re not going to want to miss out on! They have really cute and colorful filters as well as a toolbox full of things such as brightness, color correcting, etc. You won’t be upset with this choice!

Canva: I LOVE Canva for making IG story templates, but did you know it’s awesome for making your own quote images? I even use Canva for work sometimes, because it’s THAT easy, and free, which makes it 100% better. This app is incredibly intuitive, and also has so many fonts, suggestions, guidelines etc. I HIGHLY suggest this one for making quote + text-heavy images.

Snapseed: Do you consider yourself amongst the more “serious” Instagrammers? Snapseed might be the app for you! With a bunch of ways to edit your photos, Snapseed feels like a professional photo editor, rather than just an iPhone app.

Foodie: This is an app that was made for the food-stagrammers in mind. I use it ALL OF THE TIME. When using regular filters to edit your food photos, sometimes your food just looks flat, or downright inedible. Enter Foodie, every preset filter is designed to make your food look fantastic, so no more gross looking pasta on your feed. (Thanks in advance!)

What do you use to edit your photos?

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