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Ditching Scentbird For Good

January 19, 2019

I love perfume. Some of my most vivid memories include smelling the enticing aroma of the Michael Kors perfume my grandmother has worn my entire life (and now I wear it, crazily enough!) So when I heard of scentbird, which is a 15 dollar a month (technically 14.95) perfume subscription, naturally, I was excited. When I actually subscribed, I was piiiiisssed.

The first delivery I received was a perfume I already have, and wear all the time! Getting a 30-day sample of it, and not having to shell out one hundred dollars for the perfume was awesome…. until I realized the perfume was 100% a KNOCK OFF.  That is when I should have canceled the subscription and never came back, but I stayed.  The next perfume I ordered was on time and everything was great, but it was the wrong perfume. That turned out to be a happy accident, because now I love Gucci, and would recommend to anyone that wants a musk heavy scent! When I emailed their customer service, they told me I was (1) lying and (2) they wouldn’t send me the real scent, and that is where my subscription unfortunately ended. Or so I thought.  I am a sucker for a good deal, and a few months down the line, they sent me a “Come back, we miss you” email with the promise of a five dollar perfume! Win! Alas, it never came, and I have officially learned my lesson.

Have you ever used scentbird? Did you have a similar experience?

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