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Light Coat Szn

January 22, 2019

Living in Los Angeles is weird. It’s always about 5 – 10 degrees too cold or too hot and it throws everything out of balance. As I’m writing this, it’s currently January and FUCKING FREEZING. By freezing, I mean it dropped to 55 degrees in the daytime. For LA that’s pretty cold, so don’t judge.
One thing that’s actually pretty hard to navigate when you’re living in LA is how to layer perfectly.
Seriously, it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when your day is something like this:

Leave the house around 7 am; temp: 45 degrees
Drive to work on the other side of town, arrive at 8 am; temp: 55 degrees
Grab lunch with coworkers 1 pm; temp: 65 degrees
Get ready leave for work 6 pm; temp: 60 degrees
Go to a movie after work movie ends at 9:30 pm; temp: 50 degrees.

That is an average day for me in mid-winter. Yeah, it’s not ~freezing~ but it’s a pain because of fluctuation.
My favorite tool to combat this problem is the light jacket! Below is a bunch of Light coats for under 150$ that will help solve all your fucked-up weather needs!

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