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Makeup On The Metro

January 26, 2019

Have you ever attempted to do your makeup on the metro/train/subway / whatever public transportation is called in your city? It’s… not easy. between a street performer, about 5 screaming kids, a train that is lurching forward and fighting to hang on to the handrail, it’s quite the challenge.

I tasked myself with trying it out, to see if it was possible and if I could get any tips out of it.

Reader: it was NOT easy, nor fun. To follow along with images, head on over to my INSTAGRAM STORY! 

Ok still with me? Let’s get into it.

Where: From Hollywood & Highland to 7th Street, to Downtown Santa Monica, Around a 1-hour commute. I chose this route because it’s 1. really fun to go from Hollywood to Downtown LA and then to the beach, and 2. I was able to ride two different types of trains,

Products Used: Glossier Boy Brow, Glossier Cloud Paint, Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint, Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner, Maybelline Highlighter Palette, Covergirl Snapscara.

What Worked:  Glossier was obviously meant to be applied on a train, truly the easiest makeup experience possible. REMEMBER: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING MAKEUP WIPES, I am not responsible for you getting train gunk in your pores, it is gross and it WILL HAPPEN.

What Didn’t:  Liquid eyeliner. While I already think liquid eyeliner is the WORST, applying it on a train was not something I want to do ever again. I’ll stick to a chubby crayon or pencil and give myself an on purpose smokey eye, instead of an accidental “I-can’t-do-eyeliner” smoky eye.

What I learned: Ultimately, It’s incredibly do-able to do a full face of makeup on the train. It’s not always pleasant and sometimes your eyeliner WILL smudge (bring makeup wipes, always!) but this will save me about 15 minutes in the morning, so I truly cannot complain. Go on and sleep in for 15 more minutes!

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