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My Personal Apothecary

January 18, 2019

Ahh, winter, my face is dry and cracking, and I am somehow able to use straight up VASELINE on my face without having my skin break out…reader, it is truly the end of days out here. When I open my medicine cabinet on these frigid mornings, with all the little vials and tubes, I feel like an oldtime-y witch with a kick-ass apothecary. Here’s what is going on my face as of now! 

Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Everyone and their mother is seemingly using hyaluronic acid in the mornings. Even commercials are talking about its benefits! However, I have a confession, I think I’m going to be taking this out of my rotation because it is adding n o t h i n g to my daily routine, bummer.

Vitamin C Serum: Every morning, I can see my face brighten instantly when using this, it’s a miracle.

Goats Milk Moisturizer: Confession time, I use this overnight (read: THICK) moisturizer all day long. It soaks into my skin really easily and doesn’t make me feel like a greasy mess.

Nuxe Huile Progenuse: I will use this forever. French Girl Beauty Secrets 4 Life. I use this for EVERYTHING: My hair, my elbows, my cuticles, under my highlighter, as a fragrance, on top of my moisturizer… the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Ernie Lazlo Cleanser:  Oil-based cleansers have been my go to, especially because my face is prone to get chapped in the winter, gross I know.

SPF 45: If you don’t wear SPF every single day by now, I truly can’t help you, and I’m sorry.

What Are You Using On Your Face? 


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