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Treat Yo’ Self, On A Budget

January 27, 2019

I’m pretty much on a budget every single day of my life. It’s exhausting, yes, but at the same time, I don’t ever feel like  I’m restricting myself too much. How, you might ask? Well, I have learned how to TREAT YO’ SELF on a budget.

Groupon: Dinner in Los Angeles pretty much starts at around 50$, and that’s not even including drinks… insane, I know. I recently discovered that Groupon has so many different restaurant coupons, and. Most of them are super cheap, so you can get that 50 dollar meal for only 20 dollars (or less!)

Don’t be afraid to Haggle! This is for the experienced haggler only, of course. At our local farmer’s market, AFTER building a friendship with the vendors, you can haggle your prices. But seriously don’t haggle too much, for many of these people, they ONLY make money from farmers markets, so they can’t actually afford to take a two dollar loss on free range eggs.

Sales Sales Sales: I have a separate email JUST for food & drink & stores, whenever I feel like I need a lil treat (like a new bag for example) I consult the magical inbox and snag a coupon code! Bonus, since it’s not in my regular inbox, I’m not bombarded with sales, and it doesn’t make me want to buy things constantly.

When all else fails… Don’t be too hard on yourself if you happen to break your budget, The world is kind of a dumpster fire sometimes, and it’s nice to be able to splurge and not feel like you’re cons

What are your favorite treat yo’ self, on a budget, tips?

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