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Instagram & The 80/20 Method

January 17, 2019

When working with clients over social media proposals, a lot of questions I get always end up revolving around personal Instagram accounts and making your personal Instagram marketable.  One of my favorite ways to sell yourself via Instagram (influencers, who?) is by using the Eighty Twenty method.

I know, now you have even more questions rather than answers, but fear not, we’re going to get into alllll of this right here right now!

The Eighty

Say you’re an influencer on Instagram, you’re going to need to actually INFLUENCE at times, right? Using the 80/20 rule, eighty percent of your posts will be related to actually influencing, whether it be a promo code, CTA, link in bio, or a full on AD. Whatever it is, if you’re using your account to sell something, you’re going to want to make sure that you ’re adequately promoting the thing you’re trying to sell!

The Twenty

The things that fall under the 20% spectrum are personal things, random snaps and all around NOT trying to sell or promote something. Also, nobody wants to be sold something all day every day, it’s monotonous and truly makes me want to unfollow people sometimes!

When the Eighty Twenty Method Doesn’t Work

Social media is fickle and deeply personal, so there are obviously times when it’s just not going to work.  For example, me! I don’t use my new ig account to sell things, and pretty much everything I post is personal, but I WILL use my Instagram stories to alert my followers about new blog posts, and not need to integrate them into my feed.

Flipping th 80% and 20% is another good way to make sure you’re promoting what you need/want to, but not overwhelming your feed with just sponsored posts… We all know how absolutely annoying that can be.

Do you use a guide like the 80/20 rule to post on your Instagram?

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