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Valentines Made Easy (Gift Guide)

January 24, 2019

I love gift guides… not because I’m not good at choosing gifts for my husband (we keep a running Amazon list of things we want, and it makes everything so much easier!) but because I LOVE giving gifts to people. Maybe I’m just that big of a narcissist that I want to be the person that gives THAT PERFECT gift? The world may never know.

For the adventurer: I LOVE going on mini-trips. Considering LA is close to a lot of different places, and you can get away relatively cheap (10$ to San Diego on weekends!) A small getaway can cost anywhere from 50 –  300 dollars, so essentially it won’t break the bank!

For the foodie: Did you know you can order crazy condiments from other countries? Weird, it’s like the internet has absolutely everything at your disposal. A basket of cool condiments can be an amazing gift for that special someone in your life that literally carries hot sauce around with them at all times. (Guilty)

For the ‘grammer: Have you ever wondered how IG baddies get the PERFECT selfies? They all have these awesome selfie cam iPhone cases. Once, I was at a party, and a gaggle of baddies brought their phones out to take selfies with. I was mesmerized, these are SERIOUSLY awesome. I’ve Recently picked one up and I can confirm, my selfies are now FIRE.

For The Whiskey Lover: Putting together the *perfect* whiskey flight can take your Valentines Day from meh to amazing… mostly because you’ll both be hammered! When I want to make a whiskey flight, I head on over to my local Bevmo, and they assist me in choosing the best whiskeys and even go along with my (small) budget! Add a charcuterie board & some candles, and you’ve got yourself a sexy night.

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